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Discover your skin's true potential with Cell Survival Oil, our cultivated skincare solution that transforms skin at the cellular level, revealing remarkable results.
Physician Developed No Chemical Processing or Additives Clean, Carefully Sourced Ingredients Potent & Proven Anti-Aging Benefits
Physician Developed No Chemical Processing or Additives Clean, Carefully Sourced Ingredients Potent & Proven Anti-Aging Benefits

Introducing Our Original Cell Survival Oil

While the correlation between sun damage and aging is common knowledge, traditional anti-aging staples like Retinols and Topical Acid formulas may address certain concerns but ultimately (and ironically) make our skin MUCH more susceptible to stress, UV damage, and photo-aging.

Our innovative solution harnesses the power of Camellia Flower Extract — an antioxidant more potent than Vitamin C — to enhance your skin’s cell viability, slowing and reversing the signs of aging. Cell Survival Oil’s clean, all-natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, safeguarding against damage while nourishing, moisturizing, and boosting overall skin health. Gentle yet miraculously transformative, it’s a revolution in skincare for every skin type.

Tired of Skincare That Just Doesn't Deliver?

Despite following expert recommendations, including luxury brands and prescription treatments, Jessica – one of the founders of The Cultivated Skin Company – remained frustrated with the condition of her skin. Decades of adult acne, melasma, and worsening skin texture had taken their toll – and all of the traditional products seemed to give little to no results with lots of irritation.

With exhaustive research and a spark of ingenuity, she developed an all-natural facial oil focusing on collagen formation and supporting skin at the cellular level.

After six months of exclusively using the oil, Jessica could tell a huge difference in her complexion! Her skin was firmer and glowing, and her stubborn hyperpigmentation had drastically improved. In order to measure her results, she underwent a state-of-the-art skin analysis which provided an objective computer-based assessment of her skin condition¹.

The result: She had taken 3 YEARS from her “TrueSkin Age” in just six months of using the Cell Survival Oil¹. 

When Jessica noticed her results, she had to share with her sisters. Wendy and Jenna started to use the product and got incredible results as well! From there, the good news kept spreading. Family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers were excited to give it a try- and they all came back with amazing reviews and a true excitement about this oil and the changes they could see and feel.

This oil has completely changed how my skin is aging! For over 17 years I have battled a terrible cycle of using countless products including retinols and hydroquinone, and then getting a rebound hyperpigmentation during the warmer months. Now I have plump skin, even skin tone, and reduced lines. It’s been a year, and my hyperpigmentation has finally stayed under control through a summer season of vacations and beach days. I am finally hopeful about my skin again.
Jessica V.

With support and encouragement from Wendy and Jenna, the three sisters decided to share this incredible breakthrough with anyone who may be struggling with their skin journey. This is how The Cultivated Skin Company was born.

Your Skin Deserves the Best

Meticulously Sourced Ingredients – Backed by Real Science & Proven Results

Our physician-developed Cell Survival Oil contains zero fillers or fluff- just the absolute best for your skin:  Camelia Oil infused with Camellia Flower and Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, Vitamin E Oil, and Jasmine Flower Essence. That’s it.

Camellia Flower Extract

Camellia Flower

Camellia Flower Extract enhances skin cell survival amidst pollutants and stress, leading to increased collagen production and reduced fine lines. With regular use, it protects your skin and remarkably slows the skin’s aging process.

Camellia Oil


Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this luxurious oil hydrates deeply, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and irritation. And with a unique ability to inhibit melanin production, it’s our secret weapon against hyperpigmentation.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea

Enriched with EGCG, a potent antioxidant, Green Tea fights DNA damage caused by UV rays, protecting skin and combatting signs of aging. Rich in polyphenols, it calms skin and hampers the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

More About Our Story

Skincare Inspired by Real-Life Transformations

Our story began in 2022 with Jessica Vickers, a determined physician and mother of two, weary of the relentless cycle of skincare struggles that plagued her adult life. Melasma emerged in her mid-20s, and her adult acne worsened through her 30s, leaving behind stubborn scars and signs of aging by her 40s. For 17 years, Jessica tirelessly explored every skin care solution,  including laser treatments, retinol, tretinoin, & hydroquinone, but any improvements were temporary, vanishing the moment sunlight touched her skin, even while using the best possible SPF.

Frustration reached its peak when a visit to an esthetician’s office only resulted in familiar retinol and hydroquinone prescriptions. Determined to find a lasting solution, Jessica delved into research, discovering a breakthrough involving camellia flower petal extract. When added to stressed skin cells, the fibroblast, responsible for collagen formation (and youthful skin), thrived.

Armed with this knowledge, she meticulously crafted a formula, focusing on natural, non-processed ingredients that not only improved but also protected the skin. Cell Survival Oil was the result, transforming not just her own complexion but also that of her sisters, Jenna and Wendy. The three sisters now dedicate themselves to offering transformative, natural solutions to skincare woes, inspired by their own journey.

Physician-Developed Formula

Dermatologists universally advocate for the incorporation of facial oils in a well-rounded skincare routine. Our expertly crafted oil is among the very best on the market.

Who We ARe

Infusing Skin with Nature's Goodness

Our healing, age-defying Cell Survival Oil enriches and rejuvenates the skin at a cellular level, revealing a revitalized and radiant complexion.

We Understand

We empathize deeply with the challenges faced by those who feel embarrassed and on the verge of tears due to their skin. We know the frustration of investing thousands in "solutions" that offer temporary relief or even worsen existing problems.

Our Mission

As sisters and business partners, our commitment is to spare others the enduring frustrations that defined our skincare journey for nearly two decades. We are dedicated to offering accessible and natural skincare solutions that really work.

what our customers say

Results That Speak Volumes

AMAZING! When I started, I was not expecting a noticeable change because I have consistently been using a very high-end skincare line for many years. However, my lines diminished and my skin developed this glow when using the oil. When I ran out, I could see the regression in my skin quality and I immediately reached out to get more. I will never go without it again!
Lorie C.
I naturally seem to have problem skin, so after using the Cell Survival Oil for just a week or two I knew my skin was improving! My skin texture has changed and it has left my skin perfectly moisturized. Over the months, I can now see and feel even more positive changes in my complexion. It has never felt this smooth and healthy. We all deserve to feel confident in our skin! Much LOVE!!
Jenna W.
Skincare MAde Easy
Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our oil is incredibly gentle. It's formulated to suit all skin types and is dermatologically tested to ensure safety and efficacy.

Absolutely, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring all our products are cruelty-free and plant-based.

While individual results may vary, many users report noticeable improvements within the first two weeks of consistent use.

We offer free shipping for orders over $100. For all other orders, shipping is $6.

Yes! All ingredients are carefully sourced and 100% clean. There are absolutely no chemicals or additives like mineral oil, artificial preservatives, phthalates, or

In research where skin cells were exposed to pollutants and stress, the Camellia Flower in our formulation has been shown to enhance fibroblast survival. More fibroblasts = more collagen production and less fine lines & wrinkles. It actually slows skin’s aging process with cumulative use.

Our Cell Survival Oil is comprised of just five clean, high-quality ingredients: Camelia Oil infused with Camellia Flower and Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, Vitamin E Oil, and Jasmine Flower Essence.

While we don't offer refunds, we understand accidents happen. If your product arrives damaged, we're here to help. Simply email us a picture of the damaged item within seven days of receiving your order, and we'll promptly replace it free of charge.

Yes. Our Cell Survival Oil is a clear oil scented with clean, mild notes of green tea. It spreads easily onto skin and absorbs quickly for a non-greasy feel.

This product can be used alone as a moisturizer or applied before your normal moisturizer when your skin needs a hydration boost. It can also be applied after serums to maintain your daily skin regimen. 

It also works synergistically with retinols or prescription anti-aging products to protect skin against stress and

Absolutely. In fact, most conventional products for treating acne actually dry out your skin, leading to an increase in natural oil production and a vicious cycle of recurring acne. Our formula is designed with precision, incorporating natural bacteria-fighting properties that directly target acne-causing agents. Simultaneously, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, promoting a balanced complexion.

After cleansing, apply a thin layer of oil to face, neck, and chest. Gently massage into skin. May be usd 1-2 times per day. Best results are seen when this product is used 2 times daily.

Our Cell Survival Oil protects your skin against environmental stressors with it’s potent antioxidant contents while also providing powerful anti-aging benefits. 

Our oil is also gentle enough for all skin types and works synergistically with products that may already be a part of your routine. If you've had good luck with certain anti-aging or acne products in the past, but they irritate your skin, you can pair them with our Cell Survival Oil to add the nourishment and protection you need.

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